How Can a Florida Enrolled Agent Assist with Your Sales Tax Audit?

|How Can a Florida Enrolled Agent Assist with Your Sales Tax Audit?

How Can a Florida Enrolled Agent Assist with Your Sales Tax Audit?

If you are facing questions or an audit about your sales tax filing and payments, it is important that you don’t do anything until you have a Florida Enrolled Agent available to help with this process. Even though business owners sometimes think that they can handle the situation, there are often instances where mistakes are made that result in costly penalties and interest expenses.

You have the right to protect your business. So, you can hire an experienced team to help with your sales tax audit defense. Choose a service that specializes in sales tax auditing, ensuring that you have a team with specialized experience related to your situation.

What is a Florida Enrolled Agent?

If a person holds the title as an Enrolled Agent, then it means that they have completed the requirements to show technical competence regarding taxation. When a person is enrolled, it means that they are licensed by the government to offer services related to taxation and auditing. The term “Agent” refers to the person’s ability to appear in place of the taxpayer. If you hire an Enrolled Agent, then it means that the person can stand in during meetings and interviews to shield you from the intimidations of the auditor.

As a result, that person is qualified to represent taxpayers in all steps of the auditing process. An Enrolled Agent can be helpful before, during, and after the audit to ensure that the business owner’s rights are protected.

Why You Can Benefit from the Services of an Enrolled Agent

The job of the Florida Enrolled Agent is to minimize the burden on your company due to the tax auditing. This person can help with advice, representation, and tax return preparation. The agent is familiar with all of the tax documentation and proceedings, giving you an advantage during the audit.

Since the agent is immersed in the tax law, they can offer insights that might have been overlooked if a business owner takes a DIY approach. So, it is always best to rely on the services of an expert instead of trying to handle the audit by yourself.

Tax Defense for Your Business

The auditor is looking for errors and mistakes that can increase the revenue that comes in due to interest costs and penalties. So, this auditor never has your best interests in mind. Instead, you need to bring in your own representation, who will watch out for your company. They hold the expertise that is needed to represent taxpayers when an audit occurs.

Do You Need a Florida Enrolled Agent?

How do you know if you need the services of an Enrolled Agent? If you received notification about an upcoming audit, then you need to contact an agent as soon as possible. Or, you might choose to take a proactive approach by hiring an agent before an audit occurs. An assessment and customized advice can improve your sales tax law compliance, helping you avoid issues in the future.

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Legal Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to give legal advice. All business situations are different, which is why it is best to consult with a professional team for personal recommendations. Please call us or schedule an appointment if you need assistance to with your sales tax questions or concerns.

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