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A Worker’s Compensation premium audit involves the determination of the actual premium instead of the initial estimated premium. We have found that the average small business is paying too much in Workers’ Compensation. Let us represent your company and save you money!




If you attempt to go through the audit without representation, the auditor will do his work in your place of business for an extended period of time.  During this period your employees, your customers, your vendors, your neighbors, and your competitors will know that you are under audit.  We conduct all audits in our offices which avoids this problem. Working remotely also enables us to carefully control the audit process and exactly what the auditor sees and hears, including events and conversations that might give him additional issues to examine.



We once represented a client who was a manufacturer of machine parts.  During the audit, the auditor heard a noise through the wall and asked an employee, "What did I just hear?"  The employee innocently explained that the sound came from the room where molds for the parts were created.  The auditor then prepared an exhibit assessing sales tax on all labor and benefits associated with the fabrication costs involved with the creation of the molds.



We successful had that issue removed, but the results could have been less favorable.  The business owner could have avoided the whole issue by calling for our assistance from the beginning of the audit.







When you have The Business Tax Institute on your side during a sales tax audit, you are not confronted by the auditor bothering you on a daily basis to go through your records and ask you endless questions.  You are also not exposed to his initial error exhibits showing tens of thousands of dollars of potential tax due and scaring you out of your wits.  We are seasoned experts and as such are unaffected by things that we have seen thousands of times in the past.  You, on the other hand, can become needlessly upset when dealing with big, scary numbers.  We think of our working in your place as a sort of merciful aesthesia.



During the audit of one retail store the owner became so frustrated that he suffered headaches every day and often lost his temper with the auditor, creating an unhealthy relationship with the Department of Revenue and a huge amount of stress for himself.  Once he contacted us those problems disappeared immediately!


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