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Liability Insurance Audits

Liability Insurance audits are part of your annual insurance renewal process. The insurance premium is based on your gross sales and your payroll to help your insurance company determine the amount of risk to which your company is exposed. We meet with the liability auditor at our office and deal directly with him or her so you can do what you like to do – work in your business without the hassle of dealing with auditors.

We at Biz Tax Pros are your liability insurance audit experts. More than mere tax experts, we take the time to audit and analyze the data provided by our clients and to create meaningful, accurate, and timely reports based on that data. The chief purpose of this process is to provide our clients with information and advice that they can use to make better business decisions and to thereby maximize their profits. We have the capabilities to critically evaluate which approach will be best for a business when more than one approach can be logically supported.

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