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We are pioneers in the sales tax audit representation industry. We use the knowledge gained while our founder was a group supervisor of Florida Department of Revenue auditors, where he developed and taught audit procedures and tax law. We have been involved in audits of every type and size of business in the state. We are aware of the ways tax law is applied differently to different industry types and similar transactions in different situations. We know what the auditor is looking for and where and how he will look to find errors. We know how court cases, notices of decision, and protests have been resolved.


We at Biz Tax Pros are experienced in dealing with auditors and collection agents.As sales tax audit experts, we are specialized in and dedicated to the resolution of state Department of Revenue actions including sales tax audits and collections. We have over 35 years in this line of representation and a combined 50 years of audit experience. We have developed audit methods and instructed state auditors in procedures and law. What we learned and taught in the Department of Revenue then, we now use for your benefit.We control the audit away from your business and avoid the disruption and embarrassment of having auditors in your place of livelihood.We are enrolled agents concentrating on taxation and can represent any entity in any state.We have been involved in over 2500 audits with an almost 100% success rate..

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We are experienced in dealing with auditors and collection agents. We conduct the audit away from your business in our office, which avoids constant interruption to your normal business activity, distractions for you and your employees, and embarrassment caused by customers, vendors, and competitors knowing that you are under audit. We can anticipate what auditors will look for and how they will try to discover information because we have developed and taught law and audit methods to Department of Revenue auditors. In most of the cases that we have handled, we resolved the issue with less than a third of the tax due as originally stated by the auditor. 

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