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By now you may have worried quite a bit about what you are going to do during your sales tax audit.  Your business is more than an enterprise - It is your livelihood.  It is the source of financial comfort to your family, and it is a part of who you are.  Now it is in jeopardy!



You know how to run your business successfully, but chances are very good that you have little to no knowledge about taxation and about how an audit should be conducted. Who should you turn to?



Your CPA is a highly educated, talented, and licensed professional, not to mention that he is probably also a very nice guy and a good friend to you.  He knows the intricacies of your business, and is quite skilled at keeping your books and preparing your income tax returns.  But unless he has been VERY unfortunate and has had a lot of his own clients undergo sales tax audits, he has very little to no education regarding Florida sales taxation.  No courses in state sales tax are required (or even offered) for most accounting degrees or for CPA licensure.



You may know an attorney who is probably a very good litigator.  Even if he is a tax attorney with a $500-per-hour fee (and perhaps even the requirement of a $25,000 retainer,) that does not insure that he knows anything about Florida sales taxation.  No such education is required to become bar certified as a tax attorney.



The Business Tax Institute is different. Our experience with over 230 audits in the past two decades sets us apart from other CPAs and attorneys.  Audits in which we are contacted after initial deficiencies have already been established consistently result in tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings.  Sometimes the audit even results in an overpayment and a refund from the state after we get involved. 



While it is hard for us to know the potential tax savings we can achieve when the notice of intent to audit is first received, we can very easily boast of a 100% success rate among the clients we represent because we will not take a case unless the cost of representation will be far exceeded by the amount of savings we can secure for the client. Our experience is so broad that after our first consultation with you, we will know whether or not we can help you.







If you have been notified by the Department of Revenue that you are about to be audited for sales tax due, you should immediately seek our assistance.  The earlier in the process that you begin to take advantage of our expertise, the less tax you will pay and fewer headaches you will experience. 

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Thank you very much for your interest in The Business Tax Institute.  We look forward to serving you!




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