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In the end, everything comes down to saving money. The job of the auditors of the Department of Revenue is to try to get you to pay the greatest amount of money that they can legally assess.Sometimes their methods result in amounts that are greater than what you may actually owe them. The Business Tax Institute will insure that by using our knowledge of the law, statistical sampling, and audit procedures that your audit will result in the lowest reasonable amount of tax owed. For example, The Business Tax Institute represented a bar under audit.The initial assessment from the auditor yielded a $250,000 tax due.The auditor used a rule allowing a tax rate of greater than that established in the law.Our knowledge of prior decisions and court cases allowed us to establish a legitimate unique tax rate for that business.The end result was a five-year deficiency of under $30,000.That's 12% of the original assessment!

As a business owner, you already know that time is money. You have better things to do than to entertain an auditor for weeks on end in your place of business.Your employees also have more important work to do. The average audit will require from 40 to 100 hours of one-on-one time, face to face with the auditor.In addition to that, there will also have to be time spent preparing information and making calculations.We estimate that these duties eat up another 50-75 hours of the average business owner's time. After one of our clients and his accounting staff had spent six months with an auditor in his place of business for one or two days per week, and after the auditor assessed a tax due of $80,00, we were called in.We spent an additional fifty hours, and the audit resulted in a $10,000 refund due.If we had been involved from the beginning, the audit would have required only our fifty hours and there never would have been an assessment made. Think of the heartache that man could have saved himself if he had known to call The Business Tax Institute at the beginning of the audit!



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